Thursday, January 26, 2012

For Sale: One Dinky Truck

For Sale: One Dinky Truck

1986 Ford Ranger
Manual Transmission
Normally $1000, but for this week only 85% off!
May extend discount into other weeks depending on interest

A great car for those people who love little trucks, or the teenger that wants a car they can personalize! 
Can't drive a manual transmission? That's okay, FREE LESSONS INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE!

Has a beautiful natural coloration and purposely weathered appearance, known as intentional distressing

This state of the art 2 door short-bed pickup comes in Gray and Light Blue, with some authentic rust spots around the edges, tire chains will be included with purchase!
  • Brand new Battery
  • New Steering rods
  • Recently Installed Carpeting
  • Newish Rear Passenger Tire
  • Recent oil change
  • Runs wonderfully!
Has a state of the art squeaky heater, with newly refurbished North Dakota Air conditioning! 
Has manual windows, great for those interested in getting a mini-workout while they drive!
Also included with two seat belts on the bench seat, so you can drive in relative saftey!
 Has a tape player and a radio, you must provide your own antenna.

If interested, please email


If you can't tell, I'm looking to get a new car. I've been driving a car that's older than I am since I was 16. Don't get me wrong, old cars are great learning tools! Your parents aren't worried about you wrecking the car, because the car is 'totaled' every time it needs an oil change. You can learn how to change the oil, battery, alternator, air filter, brake fluid, and master cylinder and if you get it wrong, who cares, it's an old car. (I have actually done all of these, But, it's time to sell my current one, and progress on to another slightly younger yet still old car.

I first owned a 2 door hatchback 1986 Mazda. It was a little tin can that rattled when you drove it and had a habit of losing the oil pan cover, so it would drag along leaving a trail of sparks wherever I went. It finally decided to give up the ghost when I was traveling down to Laramie for my last year of school, I limped it there to my apartment parking lot where it sat for 4 months. I occasionaly would push it to a different parking spot just so it would look like someone was driving it. I jumped it and drove it home of Christmas break, replaced the alternator, and drove it back. I went to Utah over Spring Break, where the alternator died again, and was subsequently replaced. I sold that car for $700, to some guy that hopefully loves to fix cars as much as I hated it.

The little Ranger I currently drive was abandoned in a parking lot at the church. It went from the Bishop to our neighbors, who finally asked us to take it, and when I was reluctant they drove it to our yard, parked it where it promptly got a flat tire, and left it for 2 months. Back at home after graduation, I decided to fix it up and did some fiberglass work on the floor (because I didn't fancy dragging my feet on the road). After a little bit of work it's ready to go. It is a bit of a police magnent though, I suppose any old car in Utah looks suspicious, because no one drives a car with rust holes if they can help it. That's another story through, good news is it won't ever go fast enough to get you pulled over for speeding, it's solid so if you do get in an accident it's the other guys car that will be totaled. I have a feeling that this car will last until the engine decides to drop out. That said, have a great day and if you need a dinky truck, give me a shout!

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