Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Art of Mismatched Socks

I am an avid sock mismatch-er. A sock connoisseur if you will. I regularly purchase packs of brightly colored socks and mismatch them on purpose to create a fashion statement of sorts. It's a bit more subtle than wearing red shoes, and despite what you may think it does take a little effort. Perhaps even more effort than actually matching socks.
Mismatching like a Boss
You see, wearing mismatched socks requires finesse and following of certain rules. Occasionally I run into people who see my brightly colored, unmatched feet and exclaim; "You don't match your socks? Me neither!" They then point to their own feet, clad in two different white Hanes brand socks, proving to me that as well as not knowing how to properly mismatch socks, they also have a tenuous grasp of the English language.

This person deserves a trophy for the skulls and the proper mismatch

So as there seems to be confusion on how to mismatch socks, let me spell it out for you.

1. It is not, and never will be, 'cool' to mismatch your regular or 'dress' socks.


You see, this is laziness. This is what gives true sock mismatchers a bad name. If the sock is meant to be matched, for heaven's sake please match it! This is as bad as wearing black and navy blue together, purple pants and an orange belt, or any kind of non-toe socks with flip-flops.

Never, EVER, try to mix and match these type of socks

It just doesn't work. So, for the sake of the fashion world and to prevent your date from thinking you're an idiot, match the socks that are meant to be matched!!!!!

2. Any socks that you wear should always be of the same style.

Um, no.

Definitely no!
Never attempt to mismatch between styles, this is the ultimate in laziness. If this is a difficulty for you, simply start purchasing only one style of socks (i.e. only ankle socks) and with time the issue will take care of itself. Or you could just organize your sock drawer by style. A little effort goes a long way.

Points for creativity, but NO.
Some people do look at my feet and exclaim, "Your socks don't match!? Isn't that uncomfortable? My feet could never stand it!" Thing is, neither could my feet. I prefer them to feel the same. Wear the same style of socks and work on your observational skillz. This isn't something only Sherlock would notice, it's something anyone with eyes can see.

3. Try to match colors or patterns. 

Yes! Stripes and polka dots of the same color on a matching background. Yes!

If there is some similarity between the socks, this speaks to a conscious choice. It looks better on your feet, and those people with understanding see your feet and think, They didn't match their socks! That looks pretty neat actually....

Mismatching with class

Stores have caught on to this fad and in an effort to help with proper sock mismatching, now sell socks that purposefully mismatch. These are usually simple mismatches that are of alternating colors in the same patterns, but they know how to do it. If you're confused, just go to a store, purchase a pack of non-matching socks, and ONLY wear the socks together that come from the pack. It'll be okay and you'll look like a mismatch newb but you'll be getting there.

4. Try choosing socks of the same style, in solid colors that complement each other

Any of these can be combined with the other, it works!
This is called Color Blocking. Abercrombie & Fitch does it all the time. As much as I don't like them for their fat people policy, you have to agree that their color methods are quite fantastic. The neon matches are my favorite. I've had three boyfriends that have been colorblind, one of whom was quite adverse to any type of sock mismatches due to his obsessive-compulsive qualities. So, as neon colors were hard for him to focus on and tell exact colors, I would wear my brightest neon socks in different colors. To him they matched, and for me, it was a small rebellion. (And yes, that did factor in to why we are no longer together, the obsessiveness I mean.)

5. Have fun with it!

Bright and yet subtle. Brilliant!
Make your socks a focal point of your outfit. Make sure people notice them! After all, you've taken the time to ensure that you are correctly mismatching them. Show people your feet fashion and be bold!


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