Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hearts Brought Together As One

I am on the compassionate service committee for my singles ward. I remember getting the calling with frustration. Compassionate service? How am I supposed to serve others, I don't even have any friends, I'm the one that needs service! Thankfully, the Lord overlooks selfish thoughts like this and makes you persevere with the work.

One thing that's been brought to my attention is the amount of loneliness that exists within my ward. It's staggering to realize how many girls (I'm sure guys too, but I'm only in charge of girls) are struggling with feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, friendlessness, and general social depression. It's so easy to pick up a phone and connect with someone, message them on Facebook  send them an email, a text, some form of communication. I'm sure we could even do smoke signals if we wanted, but the thing is, we don't.

That's generally what my thoughts are on today. I've been lonely quite frequently over the past year, and I still struggle with loneliness. In my experience, the best way to overcome it is to put yourself out there, to make that first communication. It's scary, and some people may not reach back, but you will be surprised with the way people reach back. So, I want to change that.

One of the best things in my life is having a friend group that meets together frequently, just to hang. It's a given that on certain nights of the week, I will find them at a certain place. I think this is something that everyone needs. A place to call theirs, friends that accept (or at least tolerate) them, and something to do. It speaks volumes for people that are able to accept others into their group of already established friends, I know from experience that it means the world to people.

So, I guess the basis of this is, we need more people who are willing to reach out to others, to include them in their circles. I'm trying to work on that now, and while it may seem a daunting task, it is possible. One of the ten commandments is, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." I'm pretty sure that means, "Be a good friend with those around you. Also bring them chocolate, because that is always appreciated."

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