Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Letter From A Missionary

This is the email my family received from my brother Monday morning. This was sent directly from his email address so yes, he purposely wrote this in third person. It was too awesome not to share, so enjoy a Capron-tinted view for a moment :) (I didn't change the grammar or the spelling errors, because it's better as it is)

To whom this my concern,
Your son Elder Capron is a missionary in the Jackson Mississippi Mission and is serving in Boisser in Louisiana.  He is currently being trained by Elder Canaan who has served for 11 months so far on his mission and has trained one other missionary Elder Daniel. Elder Capron has now served about a month so far on his mission and has recieved mail in aboundance on two seperate occations one was in the MTC and the other was this last week were in he recieved severel letters that had been forwarded, he also received a package containing letters and writing material intended to for him to send letters to his family and friends. 
Elder Capron to the eye is healthy he wakes up ever morning and either does a jog around a field which is followed by a series of pushups and situps as well as stretching. He has obtained no physical damage though others or himself, it seems in fact that he is a practitionar in hygeine and is seen to brush his teeth, floss, rinse as well as putting on retainers before bed. Elder Capron also has a habit of writing in his journal the days events, so far he has never missed a day and seems to enjoy writing and recording the events that took place. 
It has been recorded that Elder Capron has grown up in a more cold invironment than most humans are used to, it can be said that Elder Capron has florished in this invironment so it remains to be seen of him if he can over come the shock of a vastly different invirnment that most humans live in. The mental state of Elder Capron is such, He is an unusual person, his companions and district Elders find him a quite and thoughtful person a most humble character to the eye. If they look closer though one can see the true mental state of Elder Capron. Elder Capron is always watchful and is a judger of trust, he gives his trust carfully but when he does he gives his all. What most would find a humbling person you would find in Elder Capron a most proud charater, you would see that he goes around to all people trying to change them to his religious veiws and having them read a book of unknown potenial that could if used correctely have more devestating power than that of a hydrogen bomb. 
He is a quiet person but the reason for that is to not arouse suspicion on him when a prank is fulled on a fellow Elder. Elder Capron is a most zealous believer in his faith which is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that reason for his belief is unknown but so far all attempts to shake him from his faith have lead to failure. One thing it can be said for Elder Capron and his plans is that he is eagerly awaiting  May 12 to contact it would seem some unknown persons of great influnce and power. He plans to contacts by phone this unknown person and then to institue video contact. It has also been recorded that Elder Capron plans to travel today with other elder to a destination of "Gators and Friends", the reason for this trip is unclear most likely a kind of a relaxing trip for  him. This ends our report, have a pleasant day.

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