Thursday, September 26, 2013

Food Poisoning and Social Skillz

On Tuesday I was struck with a bout of food poisoning, something that hasn't occurred since I was 12 and ate a weird sandwich from a now out-of-business chain known as Blimpie's.
What's that?
They're not out of business you say but thriving? Even here in Utah?
Perish the thought, all Blimpie stores should burn to the ground for inflicting such pain on a 12 year old.

This time however, something besides an unsuspecting sandwich caused my pain.
It was a combination of waffles made by eager FHE boyz, homemade syrup, and generic brand Nutella. I'm not sure which exactly caused it, however SOMETHING I ate there caused it, because after I ingested the awesomeness I ate nothing else until the disaster struck my insides. I ate, went to sleep that night feeling slightly weird, awoke the next morning and went to work.

By noon I was starting to get chills. By 1 aches were adding themselves in and vaguely flu-like symptoms began to assert themselves. I decided it had been because I didn't eat breakfast and resolved to get home and fix that. At 2pm I got home, ate a bowl of cold cereal, and was immediately struck with such aches and pains and bubbling the likes of which you have never experienced before. I didn't quite know what was wrong with me but when the diarrhea started then I knew.

I'd been POISONED!

What kind of food poisoning you ask, only strikes once the food is half-way through your large intestine? I have no idea. I have an awful time puking, to the point I think my stomach is invisible, it tries to hide from the food I randomly introduce to it. So the rest of the day was spent in achy pain near a bathroom, with only sad liquids for company.

The next morning I felt somewhat better, but still shaky and pretty dang awful. I resolved to stay in bed and work on my new computer, doing nothing in particular but recovering and eating absolutely nothing. A few Vitamin waters, tons of real water and Vitamin C Tangerine supplements, but no real food. Couldn't even look at the stuff actually.

It would have been fine if  I really didn't have to do anything all day, except it was Wednesday. Nicklemania Night. Also the last night I was probably going to go to Nicklemania for a month due to impending work at Nightmare on 13th. So when I got the text saying: 
"Holy mother of nickels it's Wednesday. You down?" ...
...I of course texted back....
"Heck yes! Carpool?"
Why did I say yes? Because I'm dumb and somehow thought I would magically be better by the night and that being social was way more important than my body still being held in the 'purge cycle'.
Four clicks to the right and now we are the little used purge cycle

I then promptly forgot about it and curled up into a ball in my bed and started watching Season 8, episode 4 of Dexter, waiting for the text that always came saying, "We're coming!" or "You still need a ride?" I rationalized that if I didn't feel 1000% better, I could just beg off and continue watching my beloved Dexter try to patch things up with his sister.

Well, I got sucked in to watching Dexter track down the Brain Surgeon, so at 8:15pm when a knock came at my door.... I didn't even hear it.
That's okay, my grandma did though, and she came running up to my door with a big grin on her face.
"Charlotte! You're boyfriend's here!" she whispered conspiritorially at me.
Boyfriend? When did I get one of those? What's going on!?!?
Then it clicked that instead of texting me, my group had opted instead for showing up to take me to Nickelmania. This was my thought process...
Crap, not ready. Do I feel better? Sorta. Can I wear this...NOPE, different pants! I think I have a fever...but they're here! Get going! Okay, shoes on, purse, GO!
And out the door I went, super excited and slightly flattered my friends had remembered me without my texting around and begging for rides.

The night started off really fun. I'm a whiz at the 55" plasma screen that's been turned into Fruit Ninja. At least, I like to think I'm good at it.


However, 30 minutes in...
This was a bad idea...

I rested my head against the cool and slightly grimy tile in the bathroom, willing my heaving stomach to subside. The worst part was I couldn't even beg off early and go home, because I had ridden WITH people. Curse these saving gas tendencies. Literally and figuratively. I started thinking;
"Is the amount of fun and the nice moments I'm having with these people balancing out the amount of physical distress I'm in? Yes, yes it was."
So, I sucked it up, raised the ceiling on my pain threshold, and went back out to kick butt at Fruit Ninja. I actually managed okay the rest of the night. I'd just go find a nice place to sit every once in awhile to give my poor body a break.

So....Theoretical part of this blog. Is it worth it to overcome actual physical pain to hang out with people? Depends on who those people are. I obviously made a choice in a moment, but I don't regret it. Didn't regret it. Well, only regretted the 15 minutes that were spent in the bathroom and another 5 bemoaning my ragged and slightly peaked appearance.

My social skills lack somewhat, so I try to make up for it by being available to hang out and spend time with people, and while I don't regret Fruit Ninja'ing it up at Nickelmania while suffering intestinal distress,  I won't be doing that again. That is, unless Benedict Cumberbatch comes along. I'd muscle through the Black Plague for him. Although I'd have to arrange to get over it first or contract it later (like, when I'm 103 years old) so I don't infect him too... okay, I'm done :)

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