Monday, December 16, 2013

Imminent FanFiction To Be Coming

As a writing exercise I decided to write a Sherlock Holmes story after the manner of Conan Doyle. It's told from John Watson's point of view, but set in the same world that the BBC's Sherlock is in. It's been a really fun exercise, and mind-blowingly difficult to come up with the things that Sherlock notices, I've had to write the story from the victim and the baddie's point of view, and then re-write it from Sherlock's point of view just so I could know what to have Sherlock actually notice!

Anyway, just wanted to let my readers know that as a treat, I'll be releasing the story one chapter at a time, every two days starting on December 17th, in honor of the the impending Series 3 of Sherlock! There should also be a Christmas mini-episode released in on the BBC as well. Either way, it's coming.

 If I get a good response, I'll also post the story from the baddie's point of view after the whole story is out..

Okay, ready! The Case Of The Crushed Roses, coming Tuesday, December 17th 2013! To a blog, this blog, near you!

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