Monday, December 23, 2013

The Case of the Crushed Roses: Chapter Three

Chapter 3
                Back at the flat, Sherlock tossed a phone book to me and immediately ordered me to call all the surrounding flower shops, especially within 10 miles of Chiara Noveau’s apartment.
                “What am I doing this for?” I started flipping through the phone book, there had to be at least 30 listings in the Brixton division for flower shops alone.
                “Ask them for someone named Timothy Carlton, he’ll be working at one of those shops, perhaps managing it.” Sherlock was busy pulling a pile of papers out of his pocket and photographing them one by one.
                I took a look at the papers, they were the research notes from Chiara Noveau’s desk. “Hang on, did you just lift a stack of possible evidence from the victim’s apartment?”
                “Yes, they would have taken at least a week or two to process the regular way, I needed access immediately.” He continued carefully photographing the evidence.
                I opened the phone book, trying to ignore the fact that my flatmate was committing a felony not three feet away.
                “Wouldn't hurt to have asked Lestrade to look through them.”
                Sherlock kept clicking with his phone. “Mmm, tedious.” He said, dismissing my worry.
                “You know, that is illegal, the evidence won’t hold up in court.”
                Sherlock held up one particular piece of paper. “Ah, but then we wouldn't have found this, which will definitely hold up in court.”
                I took a closer look.

Ransom wanted for Chiara Noveau, $14,000,000 pounds. Note acceptance on her public fan website by December 23rd and you will be notified with drop instructions.

                “14 mill, that’s a mint.” I observed.
                “Quite so.” Sherlock piled all the papers together and started out the door. “I’ve got to drop these back that the crime scene, the police will need to know as soon as possible so they can get that message exchanged.”
                “Hang on, why don’t we just post the message?” I thought this was a pretty good idea, better than calling 30 florists.
                “Can’t implicate ourselves now can we?” Sherlock paused at the door. “If we obviously know more than the police then we’ll get taken in for questioning and there goes my chance of solving this case quickly.” He continued out the door, then threw back over his shoulder. “Ring me if you find anything, will you John?”

                And just like that, he was gone. I sighed and turned back to my phonebook. This would be a very boring afternoon. 

I know this chapter is short, but it's right before Christmas and I'm flying home today so bear with me. The next chapter is the best so far, I think you'll like it. It comes out Christmas day too, what a nice present! Keep reading and please leave comments!

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