Monday, April 1, 2013

What I Did This April Fools: A Lesson in Procrastination

Blink, blink blink. What am I awake? What time is it?

Oh, 8:23, that's nice. I could get up and do something, maybe just sleep for a little...longer...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ahh! Something's buzzing! Oh, just my phone. Whoa, 10:34, there went my whole morning. Does Melody need to pee? Better take her out, just in case.

Ah poop, it's raining. That drags, now I can't go anywhere or go on a really long walk because I'll get wet. So much for taking my computer to the library today and getting anything done. Sigh Better go eat breakfast.

(One bowl of cereal later) That was good, I'll go work on homework now, but first let's see what's happening on facebook.

(45 minutes later) Why did I ever sign up for Candy Crush! Come on, I've got to do at least a little homework today. I'm hungry, wonder if there's any string cheese left. Yes, there is! Yay string cheese. Does Melody want to go out again? Nope, still raining. Oh well.

Crap, it's 1:00 and I haven't done anything today, maybe I'll do some homework! Wait, I was going to do that job application for librarian, let's see if I can find that...ah yes, here it is, FILL OUT! Done, now I have to take, don't have any clothes. Why is my laundry all over the floor, did I do that? I'm never this messy, better do some laundry. Can't go out unless I have something to wear.

Okay, Washer started, how about I write for a bit? Work on the book....nah, I'll work on my blog. How about that revision of the Sherlock review? That's going to be good, I can telll...

(1 hour and 4 revisions later)

This is worhtless, I can't even write a stupid review without it sounding boring! Why is my life so worthless! Oh look, trail mix. I haven't had breakfast, I'll just eat all the banana chips out. No one will notice, and I'm an adult anyway so it doesn't matter!

Grandma's home, great, now she's going to ask me what I've done all day. What have I done? Oh, right, nothing. Maybe I should get out my homework and spread it around so it looks like I've done something. Room's still messy though, hows that laundry coming? Better go put another batch in. Maybe I should shower? Right, shower, there's that thing tonight, want to smell good I guess. Okay, focus, shower, homework, then maybe that job application. I'm hungry.

Still on my way to the shower, right, here goes.

Why don't I have any clothes to wear! Wash faster!

Rain, why the rain, is everything conspiring against me today?

I'm bored. Yeah, well I haven't done anything. Maybe I'll just get stuff done tomorrow, you know, be super productive and all that. Not today though, it's just too much effort. Why can't I ever do anything cool or even have any money or get a car? Whatever, I'll go eat more banana chips, at least I've got this computer so I watch stupid internet videos all day.

Haha, that cryptic666 sure can post some good AFV videos.

Was I supposed to do anything else today? How about wear a batman shirt. I love batman shirts!!!!

And that's about it, nothing more productive to do so adios!

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