Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Inverse Happiness

I saw someone smile today,
They looked happy to me.
Something nice had gone their way,
And things were good you see.

That made me mad, 'Oh Why!' I cried.
"Why is my life always bad,
and their life better than mine?"

Inverse happiness,
is like that you see;
When others achieve greatness,
It makes you angry.

When an ex finds a lover,
Or a friend a new job;
You want to have them over,
and grenades at them lob.

This doesn't make sense though,
It just isn't right;
To be feel really low,
when someone else is bright.

Is your ex supposed to,
be forever alone?
No one to talk to,
No one to be at home?

And what if no one,
ever got a new job?
We'd all be poor,
running like an angry mob.

Be happy for others,
when they happiness find.
Smile for your brother,
Tell your ex you don't mind.

Someday soon,
It'll come your way.
A blessing, a boon,
Like chardonnay.

The tables will turn cruelly
And all your friends can be mad at you
When you show off new jewelry,
they just might sneer at you.

So be happy for others,
tell them you don't mind.
Keep happiness going round,
when it's your turn to shine.

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