Friday, August 30, 2013

A Kiss Backstage

A hug in the dark,
turns into a kiss.
Not just one, but two
then three.

Others were looking,
wondering what was going on
You didn't care,
you went for it.

In that moment I realized I loved you.
No filters, no barriers,
just you,
pure and without walls.

I'm already with someone else,
someone whom I've been trying hard with,
but the kiss showed me what could be,
excitement, fun, something different.

You've been there every week,
looking for me,
waiting for me,
asking how I was, what I was doing.

Why didn't I see that before,
It's too late now,
when you kissed me I ran.

I was scared of what it meant,
scared of the possibilities,
scared of changing my path,
but realizing slowly,

We're meant to be together.
I have to see this other thing out first.
See if he's interested,
as much as you seem to be.

I admire your patience,
the way you wait, take things slow,
just relax and let things flow
Will you wait for me?

Only time will tell,
if kisses in the dark,
stolen and surprised,
means what I think it does.

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