Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random Questions

Random questions:

When is it appropriate to text someone you really like? All the time? If you happen to think of something clever? Never? Wait for them to text you first?

If I ceased to exist, would my best friends meet and become best friends with each other instead?

What is the absolute inverse of having -$19 in your bank account?

How many nickels does it take to reach the moon?

Is it appropriate to randomly call your married siblings and scream, "Haha, SUCKA!" into the phone?

How many hours of tv does it take before your brain starts turning into grape jelly?

When do pieces of you cease to be part of you? Like, fingernails? Bits of hair? Voodoo dolls say those are still bits of you forever, but you don't feel or control those parts anymore. If you lose a whole limb you can't control it anymore, so is that technically a part of you?

Do you think it'll be possible in the future to put your head on a robot body and still function? Or do you need the heart and a few other organs to really BE you? (I'm guessing you still need some other key parts, like your endorphin gland and some other stuff to really feel like you, otherwise you just feel dead or whatever.)

If you stacked up all the books you've ever read, how far would that reach?

What is the point of condensing every bit of information into little data bits that are then stored on servers and then destroying original paper bits of information if all our fears point to the server system eventually being destroyed by a zombie apocalypse or something?

Why do people read romance novels? I mean seriously, I'm a girl and still can't figure it out.

What do you feel is having a true human connection with someone? What does that even mean?

Feel free to answer any of these that strike your fancy, and good luck. I'm still trying to figure it all out.

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