Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting on with LIFE

Yesterday in one of my conversations with DAD, I was unceremoniously told that it was time to get a life.

SNOW ANGEL: Get a life? I have one, remember?

DAD: Yep, I gave it to you. But now it's time to stop playing around and move one.

SNOW ANGEL: ????????????

DAD: Go back to school like you've been talking about, get into PA school, and get a job so you quit complaining about the money situation.

I was all like, Excuse Me! I've been doing my best and working my butt off and it's not my fault I don't have enough money to go back to school, who was it that gave me the stubborn genes anyway? Oh right, YOU.

And, once the angry voices in my head calmed down, here's what I actually said.

SNOW ANGEL: Um, I don't know, I guess I could try.

DAD: Get on it, let me know how it's going by the end of the day. I expect some results! Love you!


Yes, Snow Angel's Dad is like this. Pushy and asking for results and not offering help. You could also say he was loving and empowering and wouldn't settle for a daughter who mopes about a bedroom at a 3rd rate job. This made me think though.

Am I living up to my full potential? What's keeping me back? Are the things that I think are obstacles really obstacles at all? (My smart-aleck brain replies, 'well if they ain't obstacles then they sure are a hell of a road-bump.) Maybe the obstacles are actually springboards? (Which still hurt like the dickens when you trip on them and skin your knees and hands and face and...) If so, why don't I go around them??? Ha, take that smart alecky brain!

I guess the reason I'm saying this is because by the end of the day, I had a path mapped out to complete the classes I needed to get into PA school, requirements of several PA schools lined up, and applications to two colleges in. Just like that. In the space of 4 hours I lined up a possibility for the next 3 years of my life (school, PA school, job, ect.)

So, what was holding me back? Fear. A smart-aleck brain that borders on depression occasionally. I don't mean this blog to be so self-reflective, it's just... what could I do if I wasn't holding back all the time? What could YOU do? Think about it.

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